Her Name Is Stella


img_0928-jpgHi there. I’m Emily and am new to this blogging thing so I’ll start with a personal introduction. I consider my titles or ‘hats’, if you will, to be never ending- wife, daughter, sister, friend, crafter, admin, the list goes on. I recently took on my newest, most important title: Mother. I am a mother to the most amazing, tiny human. Her name is Stella. While I was pregnant, I knew she was something special. I mean, after all, she was a combination of myself and the coolest person in the world (hubby). Together, out of love, we made her. I cooked her up in my belly for 9 months while dreaming and anticipating her arrival. Those long months could never prepare us for her actual grand entrance. Lying there on the operating table, the doctor pointed to the top of the divider between my upper and lower body and said “She’s coming. Keep your eyes up here!” My eyes were intently fixated in that spot excited to catch my first glimpse. Seconds later, there she was. Hanging there in the doctor’s hands covered in goop, screaming her little head off. That was the best moment of my life. Seeing her face light up when hearing my voice for the first time outside of the womb was a close second. It was shocking that she recognized who I was. I mean, we did just spend the past 9 months physically attached to each other but still, how could she be so instinctive? She was so new? Anyhow, I will keep my first post short and sweet. Stay tuned for more on mommy, wifey, and home-making life.


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