A Post About A Photo

Stella had her Spica cast removed! We always knew it would be removed- I mean it had to come off at some point but at times it felt as if the life we were living with the cast was our eternity. 2 months is a loooong long stretch in a once in a lifetime infancy period. Those will always be 2 months we can never get back yet, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I believe those 2 months or the entirety of this hip dysplasia journey has shaped who I am; a completely different person than I was before the diagnosis. My previous perspective of every emotion known to man has changed dramatically. Sorrow, anxiety, optimism, love. Love is a big one. When I was pregnant, I never knew how much I really loved Stella until she was delivered and I heard her cry for the first time. I knew I loved her of course but that love changed and grew once she was actually here with us. It changed and grew in the same way when I left her on that operating table- her life in complete strangers’ hands. I loved her differently after that day. More intensely.

Cast removal day was a fun day. Fun for Rob and I- Stella literally had no idea what was happening. That is an interesting fact that I like to ponder on, actually. The days and hours leading up to cast removal, I was just giddy with excitement. Our life was about to get SO much better yet Stella had no idea. I told her what was going on maybe 50 times but she, of course, didn’t understand. Once that cast was off though, boy did she!

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

If a photo could capture 1,000 words this one captures 2x that. Taken minutes after Stella’s cast was taken off, her and her father’s eyes show the type of shared emotion two people who have known each other an entire lifetime have. This is the look of a little girl’s world changing. Clinging for comfort in this change- both of them.

We are loving life without the cast for sure. Stella is in a Rhino brace 23/7 but hey- a brace ain’t no big thang! Plus, this is the first time we have ever been prescribed a free hour per day. Stella is growing into one smart little girl. She is beginning to really understand that life is better without all this crap restricting her legs. That free hour is pure bliss to all three of us. The new tears that come with putting the brace back on is pretty heart breaking but we are that much closer to even more freedom! Which is perfect because this girl is ready to roll (literally)!


Go, Stella, go!


One thought on “A Post About A Photo

  1. Hi. My daughter just started wearing the rhino cast after surgery. We’re having a hard time figuring out diaper changes. How do you do it?

    Thanks in advance!


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