5 Must Have Products For A 5 Month Old

Though my LO wasn’t the typical 5 month old due to her hip condition, there are plenty of products that I considered “must haves” in day-to-day life that could be useful to babies without DDH. All infants develop at their own pace but yours may be trying purees, rolling back and forth during tummy time, and transferring toys from hand to hand. Fun stuff! Here are a few things we couldn’t have lived without at 5 months.

1. Baby Bulletimg_2998

Holy cow jarred baby food is expensive and err… gross. How can fresh vegetables have a shelf life of over 12 months? The Baby Bullet is a life saver for us. Easy to use, convenient, and what better way to monitor what your baby is eating than to make their food yourself? A jar of Earths Best pureed veggies cost around $1 each. Not bad. The cost of a sweet potato at the grocery store is around $1 as well. Pureed with water, 1 sweet potato yields around 10 jars of baby food! The portioned serving jars last 3 days in the fridge and 30 days in the freezer. Now that’s fresh, real food for your little love bug. I make my purees once every week/ week and a half then portion, store, and freeze. I prop my babe up in her chair on the kitchen table and we dance and listen to music while I make her food. Very worth it.

2. Dummy Clip

They spit it out. You put it in. They spit it out. You crawl on your hands and knees to find it, rinse it, then put it in. They spit it out. You crawl and search for 20 minutes while they scream hysterically. Can’t find it. Send out hubby to get 5 more. The 5 new dummys mysteriously disappear in a week. We all know this game. Get a dummy clip. We have this adorable fox clip from LittleHelpers on Etsy.


3. Toy Chain Links

Ok, let’s say you are a parent who gives their children minimal options for toys because of over stimulation or the lack of toys available to other children around the world or whatever. Blah blah blah. If you get your baby one toy, let it be these simple plastic chain links. They are not only extremely versatile but they also fit perfectly in tiny little infant fists. They come in different textures and colors. Most importantly, they are like 3 bucks! We have these from Amazon.


4. Baby Gym

Need to wash a few dishes, go to the bathroom, or not lose your mind for 30 minutes? Put baby in their baby gym and viola- content, stimulated, quiet baby (unless you have a screecher). In all seriousness, baby gyms really are fantastic for a developing 5-month-old. They learn to reach, kick, roll over and practice their hand-eye coordination in these things. I can only assume it is actually named a “gym” because it essentially works out all of the baby’s senses. There are a ton of options available in baby gyms. Some have mobiles, some have kickers, mirrors, safety walls etc.. These. Are. Awesome.


5. Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

We didn’t actually have one of these since our babe was in a body cast for hip dysplasia and wouldn’t physically fit in one. However, we did have a modified Bumbo with the sides cut off. I personally would NOT recommend a regular Bumbo for any baby because it isn’t hip healthy as is. The Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is great for babies learning to sit up on their own and is very hip healthy! Free motion of the legs is important as is learning to sit up! You can find them at Target for around $40.


Do you have a “must have” product that was key to survival at 5 months that isn’t listed above? Comment below to share!


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