Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmothers

Mother’s day celebrations are usually focused between grandmothers and grandchildren (if there are any grandchildren in existence). Let’s face it, you aren’t as cute as her grandbabies and you haven’t been in quite some time. Grandmothers are all about the mushy gushy memorabilia gifts which is fantastic for us because they are cheap! Though Grammy may keep that pasta necklace on her dresser until the end of time, she probably won’t be wearing it every day. Here are a few useful yet sentimental grandmother gifts for Mother’s Day.

Handprint Dish Towel

Handprint-Dishtowels_Large500_ID-1661629.jpgGrandmothers love little hand and footprints. Hand towels are an easy way to show off these prints via useful home decor. All you need is a hand towel, fabric paint, and a little hand or foot. Directions here.

Pasta Picture Frame

c35480f0b5d73dbe692b30a059996085.jpgA chic take on the popular dry pasta art. Provide your little designer with some pasta, glue, and a picture frame. When they are finished their work of art, apply a coat of silver or gold spray paint. You could really wow her with a never before seen photo of the artist. Directions here.

Thumbprint Platter

heart-thumbprint-platter-9-4-650x456.jpgDespite hectic schedules, you could get together with your siblings to create a gift involving all of her grandchildren. This thumbprint plate is functional and adorable. She will surely use it at every family holiday event. Directions here.

Generation Jewelry

editGranMoDaug-400x466.jpgThese necklaces are a timeless gift convenient for the non-craft savvy gifter. There is even a 4th generation option available for those lucky enough to have a great great grandmother. Order here.


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