Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmothers

Mother's day celebrations are usually focused between grandmothers and grandchildren (if there are any grandchildren in existence). Let's face it, you aren't as cute as her grandbabies and you haven't been in quite some time. Grandmothers are all about the mushy gushy memorabilia gifts which is fantastic for us because they are cheap! Though Grammy may keep that … Continue reading Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmothers


The Baby Cold

Most moms are stricken with fear and worry when their little is feeling under the weather. This stems from the 'nothing can be done' notion as they are too small for most over the counter medications. There is also, of course, the fear of potential RSV, phenomena, etc. but we will be optimistic here and … Continue reading The Baby Cold

Don’t Poke The Pregnant Lady

:There are certain dos and don'ts when it comes to interacting with pregnant women. We all know this! Don't EVER ask. Don't comment on her weight. Do say she is glowing. Simple stuff, right? If you didn't know these basics, please, lock yourself in a closet and never come out. Being pregnant is HARD. You … Continue reading Don’t Poke The Pregnant Lady

5 Must Have Products For A 5 Month Old

Though my LO wasn't the typical 5 month old due to her hip condition, there are plenty of products that I considered "must haves" in day-to-day life that could be useful to babies without DDH. All infants develop at their own pace but yours may be trying purees, rolling back and forth during tummy time, and … Continue reading 5 Must Have Products For A 5 Month Old

A Post About A Photo

Stella had her Spica cast removed! We always knew it would be removed- I mean it had to come off at some point but at times it felt as if the life we were living with the cast was our eternity. 2 months is a loooong long stretch in a once in a lifetime infancy period. … Continue reading A Post About A Photo

A Community Helps

Nearing the end (hopefully), I can't stop thinking about all of the things that have helped and hurt us along the way on our hip journey. Foam wedge- helped. Bean bag chair- helped. Trying rice cereal for the first time days before surgery- hurt. Traveling anywhere- really hurt. The thing that helped me the most, … Continue reading A Community Helps

Product Review: CastCooler

I've always daydreamed about blogging so am just loving all that in entails. Its such a satisfying means of expression for me. Before Stella and DDH, I yearned to blog about beauty rituals and style icons. Oh, how times have changed! I still love reading other blogger's product reviews for drug store foundations and the … Continue reading Product Review: CastCooler

DDH- Missing Out

Along with other negative feelings like fear, helplessness, and uncertainty; the feeling that Stella and I are both missing out has not left me since our first treatment approach in the Pavlik harness. Though back then, we were missing out on small things like cute outfits and "perfect" photo shoots. In the Rhino brace, we graduated … Continue reading DDH- Missing Out

Pavlik Care- Carry On

I'm not here to say I am some sort of expert on parenting a babe with developmental hip dysplasia. HOWEVER, my daughter has gone almost as far as you can go in the depths of treatment for such a condition so- I'm pretty darn close. We've been through the Pavlik, the Rhino, the Spica, the ultrasounds, … Continue reading Pavlik Care- Carry On

The Good News

I know many have been waiting on the edge of their seats to hear what happened next when Stella woke up from her surgery. Not sure if it's against blogging customs but I'll go ahead and tell you why the wait. I had nothing good to say. Up until just a few days ago, there … Continue reading The Good News